AfriCOBRA engages the following
Philosophical Concepts:

1. IMAGES, a commitment to humanism, inspired by African people and their experience, IMAGES which perform some function which African people can relate to directly and experience. The art is the people, people reflect their art, and the art is for the people, not for the critics.

2. IDENTIFICATION, to define and clarify our commitment as a people to the struggles of African peoples who are waging war for survival and liberation.

3. PROGRAMMATIC, art which deals with concepts that offer positive and feasible solutions to our individual, local, national, and international problems.

4. MODES OF EXPRESSION, that lend themselves to economical mass production techniques such as “Poster Art” so that everyone that wants one can have one.

5. EXPRESSIVE AWESOMENESS, that which does not appeal to serenity but is concerned with the eternally sublime, rather than ephemeral beauty. Art which moves the emotions and appeals to the senses.