Fromaje-catalog cover 1989.jpg

A word from Napoleon Jones-Henderson about AfriCOBRA’s collaboration with FROMAJÉ:

“In the spring of 1989, I was introduced to GROUPE FROMAJÉ in the form of a handsomely illustrated catalogue. Their works stimulated me, and I was impressed with the wonderous expression of color, form and pulsating energy in their compositions. Founded in 1983, GROUPE FROMAJÉ, too, is a group bonded through a sense of artistic commitment, a developed philosophy and concern for icon and image. During the 16th annual SERMAC festival of arts and culture in July of 1987, through in intervention of Kalima Soham, AfriCOBRA was invited to exhibit by GROUPE FROMAJÉ in Martinique. The AfriCOBRA exhibition clearly confirmed that many aspects the language of rhythm, repetition, improvisation, color, form and spatial relationships were similar to those espoused by GROUPE FROMAJÉ. The consequent exhibition ESTHÉTIQUE UNIVERSELLE was ushered forth November 6-December 17, 1989 at Howard University-Gallery of Art, College of Fine Arts and Blackburn University center gallery. Washington D.C.”

Below are some images of artwork displayed in ESTHÉTIQUE UNIVERSELLE.